Flying & hiring a car

Car hire & tips from Airports

Where are you flying into? Driving times and distances to Brantome.

Before you hire remember the extra’s mount up like insurance excess, satnav, roof box or child seats. You may be able to negotiate a better package if taken together.

Limoges 85km, 1 hour 10 mins, head for Thiviers N 21′ then D78 to Brantome.

The car hire is opposite the terminal

Bergerac 78 km, 1 hour 9 mins, head for N21 Periqueux then D939, note A89 is longer and has a toll. On leaving the airport turn right, then right at roundabout, then continue to Periqueux but if arriving at meal times on this route and about 10 mins from the airport the supermarket Intermarche on your left does excellent meals at good prices. Choice is enormous.

The car hire is to the left of the terminal

Bordeaux 160 km, 1 hour 43 mins – 2 hours, E5 Bordeaux, E70, A89 (toll approx. 10E30) for Periqueux, then D939 to Brantome. The auto route (Peage) is the better route. Note when leaving the airport until you cross the main bridge is full of radar cameras.  The ring road can get very congested and if you have a morning return flight do allow and extra 90 mins for any hold ups.

The car hire is opposite the terminal

Drive times are approximate, time of day, traffic dependent and excluding your hire admin check in

Other regional airports – Angouleme, Brive, Poitiers?

Car hire – Not wishing to teach you to suck eggs but use your phone camera to photograph all sides and angles, of the hired car before you use and again on return. This includes with ignition on the speedometer for fuel & mileage, windscreens and tyres. Check also for a map, the spare bulbs, breakdown kit, spare tyre (is it inflated) and jack, how to use the sat nav if fitted, the breakdown instructions for roadside assistance. Programme these into your phone with car reg and policy number plus the car hire company information and contact number.

Please do check the information you sign as very often we have found that the car has more marks than indicated on the administration, miss these and you could be charged for them on returning the vehicle.

Note:  if you are touring it may be cheaper if you do not have a European Satnav of your own to buy one rather than rent. Check this our prior travelling via BUT, Carrefour or E Leclerc supermarket websites.

Tip:  if your rental car has built in satnav (and at no charge), ask the company to change the language to English (or your desired language). You can then pair your mobile phone, use the radio etc with ease.

Car Insurance excess tip:

There are many companies, just Google to find more but an annual multi trip European insurance car excess policy is typically from £38 and equal or less than some hire companies weekly costs and with better terms. Here are but three companies.

Satnavs can cost 14E per day, is it cheaper for you to buy one at a local store? Check before you hire whether the car has a free satnav included and request it to be set for your preferred language.

The address of the property is:

30 Avenue Pierre De Bourdeilles, Brantome 24310, we are on Google maps

you can search using: –  MaisonBrantome and Streetview for a 3D view

Satnav Coordinates for Brantome are:

Geographical sexagesimal coordinates / GPS (WGS84)   
Latitude: 45° 21′ 51” North
Longitude: 00° 38′ 56” East

Geographical decimal coordinates  
Latitude: 45.368 degrees (45.368° North)
Longitude: 0.65 degrees (0.65° East)

Choosing a route can take ages, have a look at this route planner file as it may save you sometime

Where’s the nearest and cheapest fuel station for my journey  click here  Two stations are in Brantome.

What en route traffic considerations do I need to look at – click here

From 2018 the 90 kph speed limit reduces to 80 kph

Do remember in France you must stop at a stop sign or road marking even if nothing is coming. Don’t treat it like a give way. It’s amazing how the police have their favourite places!!!!