How to get to us

BREXIT  – Visa etc information 

Driving – via ferry, airport, train  (please scroll down to your mode of travel)


The national speed-limit on ordinary roads (i.e. excluding divided highways and motorways) will go down from 90 km/hr to 80 km/hr, as from July 1st. Motorway speed limit will remain at 130km/hr and dual carriageways at 110 km/hr.

HANDS FREE mobile-phone use is banned in France.

Regarding the use of a mobile phone while driving, it may from now on lead to immediate suspension of the driver’s license. Be warned !

The new rule applies to all hands-free phones using a headset, bluetooth or wired. Drivers caught using a mobile phone while on the road in France are liable to an on-the-spot fine of 135 Euros and 3 penalty points (if they have a French driving license) and from 2018 an immediate suspension of their license (regardless of nationality).

Statistics show that phoning at the wheel increases the risk of accident by a factor of three. The only type of mobile phone now legal to use in France while driving is one that is entirely hands-free and headphone free, linked to your vehicle computer.

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When you arrive in Brantome

Getting to the house from Brantome town centre,

With the Abbaye on your right and river to your left proceed towards Bourdeilles. D78

You will pass the Moulin d L’ Abbaye Hotel on your left, as you turn the slight left-hand bend and passing the first terraced housing block, 200m ahead you will see a long wall fronting the caves and at the end – our house is on the right. It is an end terrace town house with a balcony and a large gravel entrance to its right in front of the grand grotte (cave).

Pull up to the left on the road and go across to the house side door.  Alternatively drive into the cave far enough to be under it and unload. Then park your car opposite the house. If the off road area marked ‘private no parking’ is available our neighbour when not using it allows us too. You will need to let us have a time of arrival so we can arrange a meet and greet but if not possible do not worry we will let you know where the key will be in the key safe.

From the opposite direction

If you are approaching Brantome from the bypass (Bourdeilles or Angouleme side) take the turning for Bourdeilles D78, after turning of the ring road drive 200m, at the T junction turn left D78, travel for approx. 2km to the house and Brantome (3 mins) as you come into the village boundary the house will be on the left after approx. 600m.

As the river becomes clearly parallel to the road we are a short way further on the left next to a large cave entrance. The house number is 30 and is the only one with a balcony.


Please park opposite the house, in the off road area marked private (when not in use by our neighbour who owns it).