Urgences : Samu / Pompiers / Police

In cases of fire,  a fire extinguisher is on each floor. Evacuate immediately, do not take valuables, just leave,  call the Pompiers  dial 18.

Give your address,  if you cannot be understood repeat urgence, prioritaire and the property address.

Whilst waiting on the opposite side of the road do ensure everyone is out of the building. The gas (gaz) main stop tap is outside on the front  corner of the house in a grey wall mounted flush box. Only if safe you may be able to turn off but only in these circumstances ** Notify neighbours in case the fire spreads.  ** under no circumstances turn off at any normal safe periods of use.

All local in Brantome

AMBULANCES          15

POLICE                        17

FIRE BRIGADE         18

BRANTOME  – MAIRIE  http://www.mairie-brantome.fr/

Useful French vocabulary – words and terms for a medical  emergency

Emergency                                                   Une urgence
Help me                                                        Aidez moi
Help                                                               Au secours
My location is                                              Ma localité est
Child                                                              Enfant
Elderly person                                             Personne âgée
Baby                                                               Bébé
Accident                                                        Un accident
I have had an accident                                J’ai eu un accident
Doctor                                                            Un médecin
Where can I find a doctor’s surgery?       Où est-ce qu’on peut trouver un cabinet médical ?
Need a doctor                                                Besoin un médécin
Need an ambulance                                     Besoin une ambulance
Prescription                                                   Ordonnance
Medicine                                                         Médicament(s)
Heart attack                                                   Crise cardiaque
Unconscious                                                  Perdre connaissance
Very sick                                                         Très malade
Chemists                                                         Une pharmacie
Ill, sick                                                             Malade
I am in labour                                                Je suis en train d’accoucher
I’m very sore here / it hurts here               J’ai très mal ici
Injured                                                             Blessé(e)
Bleeding                                                           Hémorragie