Wi-Fi & Phone

Fair use internet is connected and the code can be found in the ground floor house book.  It also has a Wi-Fi extender (same code) which allows a good signal throughout the house, the garden opposite and we can even catch it the other side of the river in the park on a good day using the extender name. Higher speeds may be via the main router. The extender is positioned on the first-floor hallway – please do not interfere or adjust this.. Note:-  you have to initially individually log into both the router and extender to use either.

The router identification is  and the extender is shown in the house Blue book

We cannot stop cold calling by telephone, so our numbers are programmed into the phone, we will call you to see if everything is okay.

We trust our guests will use the phone fairly and honestly, you may use for free incoming calls, outgoing to 0553 numbers to allow bookings etc. Mobile, premium and international calls are not included and are therefore chargeable. For your info and friends calling you the house number is in the book or will be notified to you with your booking.

Of course, if you use Skype, Whatsapp, Viber, BT smarttalk or similar via the internet your calls are free within your subscribed package