What to do in a Mains power cut / storm

First, before you do anything three torches are kept within each bedroom side cabinet. That’s why we request guests with children to ask them not to touch or play with these. Of course you also have your mobile phone torches.

GROUND FLOOR LOUNGE – in cupboard L.H.S of front door.
Ensure the incoming MAINS master switch is on and has not tripped
There are three consumer units (fuse boxes in old language!).
In this cupboard is the master consumer unit which feeds the other two consumer units.
Check the master consumer unit switches for each bank of MCB (switches) are on, if not they are labelled and you will know where the issue is or it could have just been a mains spike / surge.
This unit controls the Router and phone (VOIP phone)

KITCHEN – over the entrance to the 3rd bedroom
Check all again and ensure all are on.

FIRST FLOOR cupboard – top of stairs
The bottom row feeds the first floor the top row feeds the top floor (* one MCB is always off).
Check these are all on *
This unit fees the air system, heating control and router extender.

If still you have no mains it could be a temporary main cut. Please contact us and we will also review.

Please return working torches to the bedside cabinets to avoid charges

We keep matches in the R.H.S kitchen draw under the microwave so you can always ignite the gas hobb to boil water in a saucepan or cook.

Thank you.