Lots of options: – Parking may be opposite the house outside the garden (park as close to the stone as possible, at either side of the cave entrance so not to block access. At the side of the house outside the ground floor lounge (just move the flower pots and return prior your end of holiday departure).

Our neighbour when not using has said we can use the ‘private no parking’ area (off road) near our garden.   If he has his camping car there you can park up close it it and just leave a note saying  #30 and if he does need to  move it Daniel will ask but normally he doesn’t move it very often and he parks between two locations x weeks in one and ditto for the other. If it’s empty you can use it.

Of course you can temporary park just in side the cave to unload but we must leave access to the two gated entrances for the Mairie and another neighbour. All pretty common sense parking really.

As always anywhere, parking is at the owners risk.

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