Important housebook information

 Please take time to familiarise the following:

House book

In both lounges are house books which we ask you to read as it contains some useful and unusual requests, after all you will be a semi troglodyte. It will be taken that all guests have read and understood these for compliance with our terms and conditions on this website.

Ventilation & natural temperature control

Due to the unique structure and location of the house, please use the house rules guide to ensure the house remains well ventilated and acceptable. It’s common sense really but you do need to read it! When in we always leave the little Ground floor lounge window open for airflow and as its higher than normal it provides a degree of privacy.

In summer when very hot and humid you will find that closing the shutters in the front bedroom or ground floor lounge around 11am – 3 pm helps to cool the room(s) for the evening. Experience shows this may only be necessary for the front bedroom even with its 3m high ceilings.


The beds will have single summer duvets, for winter or very cold periods we do have heavier duvets for use inside the duvet covers, as required.  The master bedroom has a bed box with extra duvets if required. Each checked in person will have 1 x bath towel, 1 x hand towel, bed linen and duvet. Where we have joined the master bedroom single bed frames together to form a super-king bed we will fit the matresses with super-king bedding


Please store on the tiled triangle area at the top of the first stairs.

TV – Radio

The top lounge has a large flat screen  UK Freesat + TV HD plus Humax recorder which also has a number of pre-recorded programmes, plus a Wii with games and sound system. the ground floor lounge has a  HD free sat TV.

Note this is UK not European TV so please do not try to reprogramme as it is not possible.

Games – Books

Available in both lounges, either in the storage areas, draws (ground floor lounge) or top lounge coffee table centre. There are also boules in a wooden case (ground floor lounge) do please be careful not to drop these inside the house!  The boules area is in the park opposite and adjacent to the children’s play area. Feel free to read the books or add to for other to read.

If you have very young children you may need to bring additional activities when the weather is not hot and sunny.


Washing machine and 3 clothes drying horses available for use on the balcony and garden. No drying on radiators please.

A local launderette is also close by adjacent to the Pharmacy, a copy of the instruction how to use this may be seen here.


A barbecue is available and stored behind the washing machine, please clean after use. The blue portable trolley draws in front of this contain many kitchen items you will need too.

Waste Bins

Normal and ‘green’ recycling bins are inside the house with external shortage in the cave. yellow recycling sacks are provided.

Collection is 5am on Monday and Friday, plus Tuesday for the yellow recycle sacks. So, this means you need to put out the night before for early morning collection (see the ground floor blue house book).

Please place all waste sacks next to the large roadside flower containers the evening prior to collections times only.


The garden has tables, chairs and parasol for your use, please lower the parasol at night or when not in use. The garden beds (2) make great places to enjoy the weather whilst relaxing in the patio area. The safety railings are not seats, please do not sit on them but they make great places for your wine glasses! If you ‘feel the need’ to be active, any watering of the plants would be appreciated.


There are 4 large golfing umbrellas and one telescopic walking aide for your use.

Power failure

Each bedroom has an LED torch in the side bed cabinet in cases of emergency. Please do not remove these or use for any other use.


Absolutely no smoking in any part of the house or balcony. If you smoke in the garden or to the side of the house, please ensure any butt ends are put in to a jar with water during your stay and then in the dust bin. Please do not discard in the river, gravel, road or garden. Please consider those who do not smoke.

It’s the little things that matter – especially when you need power!

Charging your phones, Ipad, Batteries etc

For UK residents there is a UK double socket with built in USB for use with your ‘charging requirements (in the ground floor electrical cupboard) + 2 French/UK adapters for use in the rooms, please ensure these remain for other guests.

Non-UK residents you will need an English or French adapter compatible with your home country and the U.K mains sockets does have USB ports if you have a USB cable with you.

The rooms have a French English adaptor (do please ensure they remain in the room when you leave for the next guests)

There is also a multi-use battery charger in case you forget your chargers and will also take USB cables into your external device or phone.

House cycles

Two house new bikes are available for free town use only and at your own risk. You will need your own safety equipment. Cable locks, keys and tools are in the front handle bags. Please ensure clean, in good working order when returned and use house book for information on security and storage. A high-pressure tyre pump is in the kitchen for use as required, so please do not ride these flat! A cycle shop for any repairs can be found on the ring road roundabout on the road to Anguouleme. About 10-15 mins by cycle or 6 mins in the car