Heating & hot water

Heating is automatic controlled with a NEST command unit and thermostat with remote setup or changes capability. These are situated on the first floor at the top of the stairs. So just call us and we can set up as you wish, if it needs changing. Don’t get stressed setting up anything, we have pre-set the system but if changes are required, let us do it for you.

All you have to do to use the system  is to rotate the dial. Please do not under any circumstances play with the settings.

The wall master thermostat will auto glow display as you approach the unit. It will show the actual and set temperatures. Adjust the temperate up or down by rotating left or right. A couple of degrees is all that is needed to see a change, remember to turn down! Please DO NOT under any circumstances try to re-programme the thermostat and very important DO NOT touch the control unit besides the boiler which also controls remote access. The light should always be a solid green light – thank you.

The house gas central heating is zoned.

Zone 1 is the ground floor which will always commence when commanded by the central house thermostat.
Zone 2 is manually switched on/off and will activate floors 1 and 2. Always leave on which will allow us to pre heat the house where necessary for the next guests. By leaving on, the remote switching on or off can take place for the whole house.

Please note, once the zone switch is activated the central and room radiator thermostats automatically take command of their respective areas within the house. If heating is not required for Zone 2, please switch the switch off and remember –  back on when you depart.

We have zoned the house as everyone doesn’t like hot bedrooms and when we use the ground floor only. The heating arrives very quickly subject to individual room radiator thermostat settings. These room radiator thermostats are set to number 3 but feel free to adjust to your preferences and return to this setting prior departure.

Remember a short boost of room heat is available with an electric heater for your additional comfort.

All radiators are thermostatically controlled and the shower rooms have towel rails (but please note dry your towels on the window rails) each day in the sun to keep them fresh. The two shower rooms radiators cannot be turned off or adjusted and must be left as installed.

Hot water is on demand – there is no water tank and no need to turn anything on. Where the sink combination taps are used do ensure you set the temperature correctly prior to use. Left is 100% hot, right is 100% cold, centre to your preferred settings. Raising the tap increases the water pressure. Please centre the tap if unsure to avoid hot water surprises!

A dehumidifier is always on in the ground floor rear room. This has nothing to do with being damp but maintaining the rear part of the building in a condition we wish to keep in good condition due to the building design. It also works well when the en-suite is used.