Check in-out

Check IN

Access is available from 4 pm unless otherwise agreed, where possible we will greet you at this time or provide access details.  All keys  should be returned to the original  locations prior to departure.

We will email or text you access information. Please ring us  your estimated time of arrival if different to 4pm.

For locking the door, hold handle, rotate up gently and then lock.

Check OUT

What do I have to do when we leave?

Our departure procedure and policy.

We do hope you have enjoyed your stay at our home and the weather was kind to you but with so much to do hopefully you made the most of your stay. Please note that departure time is at 10am on the designated date of departure. If we have agreed a different day or times in advance these will apply but the standard is as above.

Before you leave, we just ask a couple of hire conditions to help our housekeeper prepare for our next guests.

• Please leave the house as it was found cleaned & tidy
• Please clean all dishes, they can be left to dry on the drainer if not put away etc.
• Leave the fridge clean and empty, anything you wish to leave for the cleaner leave on the worktop, not table.
• Leave all toweling in the showers with the doors open. If they are stained so that it is impossible to remove the stains, a charge for replacement will be made.
• If sunny or dry leave, the main bedroom (front) windows open and all internal room doors in the house to air the property. The balcony right side doors only could be left open too.
• Please leave all windows facing the town closed – Shutters can be left open.
• Fold down bed coverings to air the mattress.
• Please take all rubbish bags, including bathroom rubbish bags, out to the rubbish bin area in the cave. Remember you may need to put the previous tenant rubbish out on collections days. Take all bottles to the bottle banks which are located in the direction of Bourdeilles, approx. 600m
• Return all keys to the place you found them and place the left-hand side, side door, as viewed externally; back inside the Key safe on the back door or as instructed on arrival. The door shutters can remain open.
• Remove any of your clothes in the washing machine!

See our terms and conditions for your security deposit

Please report any accidents or damage as this helps speeds deposit returns. Any breakages you can obtain like for like replacements from either the D.I.Y shop or Carrefour which are next to one another.

If you need fuel prior to your departure there are two fuel stations in Brantome, one at Carrefour and the other on the route de Thiviers. Both within approx. 5 minutes’ drive of the house on a good day!

Check you have your travel documents, passports, car hire documents and your own house and car keys in an easy to reach storage location. Plus, where necessary you have packed your travel bags to comply with flying safety regulations.

UK guests, where you have paid us direct and not via an agent please ensure you have provided your UK bank account details to facilitate an easy return of the security deposit within these terms and conditions of rental.