A few last-minute reminders prior to departure – don’t be caught out:

Pre-Arrival, admin, travel & other holiday information, do check back as you may find information relevant to your holiday.

  • Valid passport and Visa where required
  • Brexit French website information
  • Brexit British site
  • Insurance policy including emergency contact numbers•
  • Do you have sufficient medicine to bring with you (if required)•
  • International driving License may be required
  •  Driving license is in date at least 6 months and valid if hiring certain vehicles
  • Did you know you can purchase an annual car insurance excess policy for car hire? It could save you a fortune and allow you many hire’s over 12 months for the price of one
  • Is your mobile Internationally usable, you may need to notify your provider, remember to manage your data package to avoid excessive Mb costs.
  • Have you considered use of WAZE, a free mobile phone satnav app with real time traffic information. Do make sure you have your mobile data working to use this. It will also work via wifi when near a wifi location.
  • There is a hair dryer at the house so you need not bring one.
  • The weather can change quickly at any time of the year, do bring some warm top  clothing.
  • You  will need to bring with you Swimming or sunbathing towelling. House towels are for bathroom use only but we can provide the above at a small weekly tariff to save you packing them. Please let us know we these can be left out for you.
    •   If you intend to use the cycles for local use only you will need to bring your own safety equipment. For longer trips we have teamed up with a company who can deliver hire bicycles directly to the house. See our cycle information below if you wish to book in advance.
    •   There are two ATM’s and banks in the town.

Remember it better to tell your bank card company you are on holiday in advance than them declining a payment for security reasons not knowing it’s you!

Remember your: electrical chargers, memory cards for camera, Ipad, phones etc. We do have a multi capability battery charger in the house for your use in case you need to reduce traveling weight. This also has a USB port plus we have a separate English double socket with double USB so you will only need your USB cable at our property.

NEW DRIVING RULES IN 2018 (subject to variation)

The national speed-limit on ordinary roads (i.e. excluding divided highways and motorways) will go down from 90 km/hr to 80 km/hr, as from July 1st. Motorway speed limit will remain at 130km/hr and dual carriageways at 110 km/hr.

HANDS FREE mobile-phone use is banned in France.

Regarding the use of a mobile phone while driving, it may from now on lead to immediate suspension of the driver’s license. Be warned !

The new rule applies to all hands-free phones using a headset, bluetooth or wired. Drivers caught using a mobile phone while on the road in France are liable to an on-the-spot fine of 135 Euros and 3 penalty points (if they have a French driving license) and from 2018 an immediate suspension of their license (regardless of nationality).

Statistics show that phoning at the wheel increases the risk of accident by a factor of three. The only type of mobile phone now legal to use in France while driving is one that is entirely hands-free and headphone free, linked to your vehicle computer.