Weather (14 day)

WEATHER (meteo)

Remember we can have hot days and chilly nights depending on the time of the year plus if you visit the caves or certain old buildings you may need a ‘top’.

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jour (day), matin (morning)  midi (midday), apres midi (afternoon),  soiree (evening) nuit (night),

Très   (very),   Temps (weather),  Ciel  (Sky),  

Ensoleillé  (sunny)    chaud (hot)

Nuit claire (clear night)

Vent (wind),  Orage (storm)  Fodre (Lightening), Ouragan (Hurricane)

Nuageux (cloud),  Éclaircies   (Cloudy)

Brume (mist), Brouillard (Fog)

Rares averses (rare showers),  éparses (scattered /  light rain)

Averses (showers)  Pluies  (rain), inondation (flood),  

Froid (cold),   Grand Froid (very cold),  Grêle (hail),  Neige  (snow), Verglas (ice), glace noire (black ice)


Aujord’hui (today) Demain (tomorrow)

Lundi (Monday) Mardi (Tuesday) Mercredi (Wednesday) Jeudi (Thursday) Vendredi (Friday) Samdi (Saturday) Dimance (Sunday)